Friday, September 2, 2011

What's up with Charlie??

I received an amazing product to review in the mail a few weeks ago. Charlie’s Soap. I open with AMAZING because it truly is a great product. I set out to use it right away, since who doesn’t have an overabundant load of laundry to do with three kiddos. First, I followed their directions to clean out my washer from the detergent I usually use. This gets rid of any buildup from the other detergent. Then I decided to follow their directions to feel like I had been using it for a while by washing more than once. I did this with towels.  I was pleasantly surprised at how they came out. Not with the smelly goodness of store brands, but fresh none the less also fluffy and clean looking. I used it on other laundry after this test and my clothes did come out nice and clean. It even got rid of most of those pesky stains left on my 16 month olds clothes. I am sure with the pre laundry spray they would have all been knocked out

Along with the detergent I got to try out their all purpose cleaner. I did like how it worked. The smell was a little strong, and that would probably be a little better if it was watered down more.  The one big thing I like about other cleaners is that it has a nice smell to it when you are done cleaning, that was not the case with the Charlie’s.  It did leave it nice and clean though, and honestly when cleaning…isn’t that what matters!

If you want to try out this great product you should chck out their facebook page here
If you REALLLLY want to try it out befor eyou buy it you should enter to win! What can you win? How can you win?
The prize will be an 80 load of laundry powder and a bottle of laundry prespray.
One winner in the USA only for shipping.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Teething Bling!

One of the worst things about a child teething is the fact that they chew on anything and everything! It is hard to be style savvy when your necklaces have been in the mouth of a baby and are now covered in drool or even a little bit of spit up. Not to mention, it is also scary that those little teeth could easily break that necklace and end with a choking baby.
Teething Bling has come up with a great way to solve that. They have a great product that looks stylish, and is super safe for your little one to chomp on.
I was able to try out their new Vanilla Bean scented donut shaped pendant. It comes on a black silky cord that has a breakaway clasp. My first impression upon receiving it was that the smell was pleasant and not too overpowering. The donut shaped pendant was a good size, and definitely material my 10 month old (now 11 month old) would love to chew on, especially with a new tooth working its way in. I figured I would put it on and see how Molly reacted to it. I wasn’t surprised at all that as soon as I picked her up she grabbed hold, and in the mouth it went! When I tried to set her down she screamed and pulled the necklace. Sure enough the breakaway clasp broke, without any injury to me. Molly sat on the floor at my feet and chewed on that pendant for a good ten minutes before I could convince her to give it back.
Since the first use I have worn this anytime we have gone out. While holding Molly it keeps her entertained and she loves to just chew and chew! I love that it still has that pleasant vanilla smell. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants baby safe jewelry that can help baby with their teething needs!

 If you want your own teething bling you can purchase it here
Also check them out on FB here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cloth by Tel (Super cute diapers) and giveaway! CLOSED

So due to the fact some people put their entry and extra entry on one comment there will be more than 1-20 for random even though there are twenty comments!  The winner is Kassi Hill!!! Congrats. I will get your info sent to them, and will email you their info so you can cotact them too!!

Right now One Size Fits All Pocket Cloth diapers are only $8.00 at Cloth By Tel! They include one Micro Terry Insert each
I won one of these diapers during Cloth by Tel’s diaper giveaway and was so excited for it to come in the mail. The day I got it I prepped it and couldn’t wait to use it.
First impression was how soft the diaper was. It is made very well and I loved the color. The insert was so easy to put inside the diaper. Sometimes that can be tricky as they bunch up and fold over on themselves. There was enough room for me to slide it in comfortably and not fight with it. After putting it on Molly, I couldn’t get over what a trim fit it was! I could pull up Molly’s pants and it didn’t look like she had a huge bubble butt! For those who use cloth diapers you know exactly what I am talking about.
Molly had the diaper on for a little over two hours and it contained the wetness very well. There were no leaks. I figured changing her would be the best time to see how the fit held up to her chunky thighs. It was so nice not to see red marks left behind from the diaper. I have had this happen with a few diapers I have tried.
After the second, third, and even fourth wash the diaper is still soft and fluffy, still easy to stuff, and fits beautifully! It has contained some nasty runny poop, along with when she has gotten wet. I definitely recommend this diaper to anyone that wants to try cloth, or to anyone already using cloth looking to expand their stash!
You can find Cloth by Tell on Facebook
You can check out their website
Quite often they have great sales and who wouldn’t want some of these great diapers?? Look at how cute they are!

Here is Molly in hers!

From the Front

From the back

 If you made it this far you will be happy to know that Cloth by Tel has been so kind as to offer one of their diapers for a giveaway (open to US and Canada)!!! Super exciting. You get to choose the print. So what do you have to do to enter?

1. Fan Cloth by Tel on Facebook (leave your FB name)
2. Check out their website and tell me which print you would choose if you won
3. Follow this blog via GFC (leave your username)
Leave all this info in one comment along with your email address

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Contest will end on March 30th. That gives you two whole weeks to enter!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laurie Berkner Band (closed)

True Random Number Generator 8

The winner of the Laurie Berkner CD Giveaway is Stefanie!! Congrats, I will email you to get your information

After having Molly, I decided it was time to dig out some of my older children’s music CD’s so I could introduce them to Molly early. The main CD I was looking for was the CD we call BUZZ BUZZ!! This is a CD my children fell fast in love with. It is one of the Laurie Berkner Band CD’s and it really gets children up and moving.
We first discovered the Laurie Berkner Band on Nickelodeon. The very first song we heard was Bumblebee(buzz buzz). We had to buy the CD right away. Brooke-Lynn and Aiden loved to sing along to all the songs on the CD whenever we went anywhere in the car. Music time in our house was often “BUZZ BUZZ please”. I would sing, “I’m the biggest monster” (Monster Boogie) while chasing my children around the house, until we got to the “monster boogie” part and then we would stop and dance and LAUGH!
After my children were a little older I used the Buzz Buzz CD at the daycare I worked at. The children loved when I chased them around the playground singing the Monster Boogie song. They asked for it pretty much anytime we were outside. The “Clean it up” song became our theme for clean up time at the daycare.
I am so glad that I get to use this CD with another child. Molly’s face lights up whenever she hears the first song “I Really Love to Dance.” Funny thing is, Molly does really love to dance already. My older children remember the words to all the songs and sing along. Quite often I find them just singing the songs to Molly.
I definitely recommend that anyone with young children buy at least one of the Laurie Berkner Band CD’s
I am so excited to be able to give a lucky reader one of the Laurie Berkner band CD’s. (“The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band”)
To be entered for a chance to win:
1.       Go fan the Laurie Berkner Band here on FACEBOOK
2.       Let me know who you would listen to this CD with
3.       Follow me publicly via GFC (Google friend connect)
Do all of these and post a comment adding your Facebook name and GFC name. Also your email so I can contact you if you win.
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I will leave this giveaway open until Wednesday, March 9th giving you two weeks to enter!

Friday, February 18, 2011


So one of the biggest things we go through as moms of babies is teething. I often hear…My baby is teething and it is keeping him/her up all night. What do you do for a teething baby? Well we learned about a great teether called Sophie the giraffe.
Sophie was born on May 25th 1961, in France. You can read her story here SOPHIE
Although I did not get Sophie till very recently I can say with confidence that Sophie is definitely a teething mom’s best friend! Well I guess that would be the teething baby. We got Sophie in the mail and after pulling her out and getting her all clean Molly took to Sophie right away. Sophie not only works as a great teether, but she is fun because anywhere Molly plays with her she Squeaks, a sound that Molly definitely loves to make over and over. Also she is a toy that baby can easily hold in his/her hand. Check out these cuties playing with their Sophie Giraffes!!

If you would like to purchase Sophie the Giraffe you can do that here SOPHIE

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ady's Edibles

So for this review I am going to introduce you to a YUMMY product!!! I ordered some amazing fudge from a great gal I met while pregnant with my daughter Molly. She has gone from making her own family fudge to making it so others can enjoy. All I have to say is ENJOY I DID! I ordered half a pound of chocolate peanut butter swirl and half a pound of white chocolate cookies and cream.
The owner of this store, Amanda, has expanded this business to include, not only being able to order from her menu of fudge, but doing a make your own order. Along with that she has also made a fudge of the month club. You can sign up and however long you sign up determines the discount you get! How neat is that!
A list of flavor cans be found Facebook Notes
You can look at all the notes on this page and find out all the exciting things she has to offer! Like the page while you are there!
You can also go to Ady's Edibles
White chocolate cookies and cream

Chocolate peanut butter swirl

Friday, February 4, 2011


So when I had my youngest daughter I saw all kinds of references to baby legs. I had never heard of them when I had my first two children. I had no idea what everyone was talking about. So I went searching and found out what they were. How cool to have a product that you can just slip on your baby’s legs when it is too cool for bare legs? Also, how cool to have a product to use when it is so warm you don’t want thick pants on your child, but you want to protect their little knees from the floor once they learn to crawl!
Now most people assume that baby legs are just for little girls, but they have some really cute boy patterns out there too!
We got Molly her first Baby Leg’s as a Christmas present. We got three pairs and they are super cute. The first thing I checked was the inside for loose strings. You know you don’t want their little toes getting caught on anything as you are trying to slide their little feet in. There were no loose strings and the seams were all done really well.
We put them on hoping they would not leave marks on her chunky little thighs, and they didn’t. Molly is a fast little crawler and her knees have little rough spots from it. These were the perfect thing to keep the knees protected from the floor. A bonus, because we cloth diaper, putting pants on Molly is sometimes hard with her fluff butt, this way we don’t have to cover the diaper!!
We did have to pull them up quite a bit, till we figured out how to put them on so they stayed up. Molly does like to pull on them, but they don’t come down which is nice. Oh and they help keep socks on. I would recommend these for any mom or dad!
Loving those baby legs!
To buy your own Baby Legs visit Baby Legs