Friday, September 2, 2011

What's up with Charlie??

I received an amazing product to review in the mail a few weeks ago. Charlie’s Soap. I open with AMAZING because it truly is a great product. I set out to use it right away, since who doesn’t have an overabundant load of laundry to do with three kiddos. First, I followed their directions to clean out my washer from the detergent I usually use. This gets rid of any buildup from the other detergent. Then I decided to follow their directions to feel like I had been using it for a while by washing more than once. I did this with towels.  I was pleasantly surprised at how they came out. Not with the smelly goodness of store brands, but fresh none the less also fluffy and clean looking. I used it on other laundry after this test and my clothes did come out nice and clean. It even got rid of most of those pesky stains left on my 16 month olds clothes. I am sure with the pre laundry spray they would have all been knocked out

Along with the detergent I got to try out their all purpose cleaner. I did like how it worked. The smell was a little strong, and that would probably be a little better if it was watered down more.  The one big thing I like about other cleaners is that it has a nice smell to it when you are done cleaning, that was not the case with the Charlie’s.  It did leave it nice and clean though, and honestly when cleaning…isn’t that what matters!

If you want to try out this great product you should chck out their facebook page here
If you REALLLLY want to try it out befor eyou buy it you should enter to win! What can you win? How can you win?
The prize will be an 80 load of laundry powder and a bottle of laundry prespray.
One winner in the USA only for shipping.

So how can you win.....
1)Friend Charlies Soap on Facebook Here
2) Fan My facebook Page Here
3) After doing those two things leave a comment with your FB name and email address.
For 3 extra entries send your friends and let me know who they are by commenting here! You can send up to three friends for three extra entries. I will be using random to choose a winner in two weeks on September 23!


  1. Hi! My FB name is Jennifer Roseberry. I liked both Charlie's Soap and your FB pages.

  2. Yo! This is Shayna Worley and I liked Charlie's and am a fan of your site! :)

  3. Emily Sandberg/SupermodelBlogger I'm super excited to try out Charlie's soap. Always on the look out for something that works. And I could use something that actually removes those pesky stains you referred to.

  4. Erika Darcy and you know I'm already a fan of your site but I also just liked Charlie's!!