Friday, April 1, 2011

Teething Bling!

One of the worst things about a child teething is the fact that they chew on anything and everything! It is hard to be style savvy when your necklaces have been in the mouth of a baby and are now covered in drool or even a little bit of spit up. Not to mention, it is also scary that those little teeth could easily break that necklace and end with a choking baby.
Teething Bling has come up with a great way to solve that. They have a great product that looks stylish, and is super safe for your little one to chomp on.
I was able to try out their new Vanilla Bean scented donut shaped pendant. It comes on a black silky cord that has a breakaway clasp. My first impression upon receiving it was that the smell was pleasant and not too overpowering. The donut shaped pendant was a good size, and definitely material my 10 month old (now 11 month old) would love to chew on, especially with a new tooth working its way in. I figured I would put it on and see how Molly reacted to it. I wasn’t surprised at all that as soon as I picked her up she grabbed hold, and in the mouth it went! When I tried to set her down she screamed and pulled the necklace. Sure enough the breakaway clasp broke, without any injury to me. Molly sat on the floor at my feet and chewed on that pendant for a good ten minutes before I could convince her to give it back.
Since the first use I have worn this anytime we have gone out. While holding Molly it keeps her entertained and she loves to just chew and chew! I love that it still has that pleasant vanilla smell. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants baby safe jewelry that can help baby with their teething needs!

 If you want your own teething bling you can purchase it here
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