Friday, February 18, 2011


So one of the biggest things we go through as moms of babies is teething. I often hear…My baby is teething and it is keeping him/her up all night. What do you do for a teething baby? Well we learned about a great teether called Sophie the giraffe.
Sophie was born on May 25th 1961, in France. You can read her story here SOPHIE
Although I did not get Sophie till very recently I can say with confidence that Sophie is definitely a teething mom’s best friend! Well I guess that would be the teething baby. We got Sophie in the mail and after pulling her out and getting her all clean Molly took to Sophie right away. Sophie not only works as a great teether, but she is fun because anywhere Molly plays with her she Squeaks, a sound that Molly definitely loves to make over and over. Also she is a toy that baby can easily hold in his/her hand. Check out these cuties playing with their Sophie Giraffes!!

If you would like to purchase Sophie the Giraffe you can do that here SOPHIE

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