Friday, February 4, 2011


So when I had my youngest daughter I saw all kinds of references to baby legs. I had never heard of them when I had my first two children. I had no idea what everyone was talking about. So I went searching and found out what they were. How cool to have a product that you can just slip on your baby’s legs when it is too cool for bare legs? Also, how cool to have a product to use when it is so warm you don’t want thick pants on your child, but you want to protect their little knees from the floor once they learn to crawl!
Now most people assume that baby legs are just for little girls, but they have some really cute boy patterns out there too!
We got Molly her first Baby Leg’s as a Christmas present. We got three pairs and they are super cute. The first thing I checked was the inside for loose strings. You know you don’t want their little toes getting caught on anything as you are trying to slide their little feet in. There were no loose strings and the seams were all done really well.
We put them on hoping they would not leave marks on her chunky little thighs, and they didn’t. Molly is a fast little crawler and her knees have little rough spots from it. These were the perfect thing to keep the knees protected from the floor. A bonus, because we cloth diaper, putting pants on Molly is sometimes hard with her fluff butt, this way we don’t have to cover the diaper!!
We did have to pull them up quite a bit, till we figured out how to put them on so they stayed up. Molly does like to pull on them, but they don’t come down which is nice. Oh and they help keep socks on. I would recommend these for any mom or dad!
Loving those baby legs!
To buy your own Baby Legs visit Baby Legs

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  1. Thanks for the link! The have really nice ones :)