Friday, February 11, 2011

Ady's Edibles

So for this review I am going to introduce you to a YUMMY product!!! I ordered some amazing fudge from a great gal I met while pregnant with my daughter Molly. She has gone from making her own family fudge to making it so others can enjoy. All I have to say is ENJOY I DID! I ordered half a pound of chocolate peanut butter swirl and half a pound of white chocolate cookies and cream.
The owner of this store, Amanda, has expanded this business to include, not only being able to order from her menu of fudge, but doing a make your own order. Along with that she has also made a fudge of the month club. You can sign up and however long you sign up determines the discount you get! How neat is that!
A list of flavor cans be found Facebook Notes
You can look at all the notes on this page and find out all the exciting things she has to offer! Like the page while you are there!
You can also go to Ady's Edibles
White chocolate cookies and cream

Chocolate peanut butter swirl

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