Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clover's Garden

So today while sitting at lunch I decided to go get the mail while my 9 month old and her siblings were at the lunch table. Figured while she was contained I could get out and back in the house without being missed. Well, I got the most ADORABLE hat in the mail from Clover’s Garden. I ordered it not too long ago and am surprised at how fast it was sent. It is an owl hat that I had been looking at for a little while and finally decided to get! It helped that I won 50% off, and YAY it is here.
I am so impressed by the detail and the beautiful color of the yarn used. It really is an amazing piece of art! So I had to share some pictures, and also the site I got it from. I will do an update review when we have had it for a little while! Until then check out this adorable hat!!
How cute that today she is wearing her Hoot Hoot I am Cute shirt!

Love this hat!!
To get your own hat you can check out Clover's Garden on Facebook
Or just go right to her Etsy

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nicki's Diapers

Since my last couple of posts told you to go check out Nicki's is another shout out to them. They do amazing giveaways on their blog, and right now they have one going on for a Planet Wise snack pack!! Go check it out!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The I Like Book....

How about a giveaway instead of a review?
Winner: ERIKA DARCY!!!!

Since having my daughter I have found many great sites that stem from parents coming up with great ideas. One of those great ideas is the “i like book”. This book is a way for parents to build up their child’s self esteem. Getting each of your children their own book, then writing what you like about them either once a day or even once a week would be a great way for you to give them that boost of self esteem!

The “i like book” team has offered a giveaway pack which consists of a bookmark, stick note pad, wristband, sticker & balloons. Maybe while checking out their site you will fall in love with the book and order one for your family!
Besides the giveaway, when you go visit they are offering 40% off if you would like to purchase a book. You have to register for an account to take advantage of this offer. The code is ilikeyou

To be eligible for the giveaway just follow these steps
1.    Go like the i like book on Facebook
2.    Go like familyusedmomreviewed on Facebook
3.    Follow this blog via GFC
Then leave a comment with your Facebook name, what you like about the “i like book” and a way to contact you.
For an extra entry follow the i like book on twitter and leave your info on a separate comment!

I will close this in one week on February 2nd!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What is a Wet Bag??

That was one of my first questions when I started out using cloth diapers. I saw the words Wet Bag on many cloth diapering boards. So instead of asking I went searching. A Wet bag is a bag that has a waterproof inner liner, and in the case of Planet Wise, a beautiful cloth outside.
 Whenever we went out with Molly I just put the insert for her cloth diaper in a plastic Wal-Mart bag. YIKES!! You can imagine how many of those we had to use, and it is not very earth friendly I might add. So, after looking up what wet bags were I invested in one for our diaper bag (small size 8x10) from Nicki’s diapers. It was a Planet Wise one and it was beautiful. There were so many patterns to choose from. I got one called Pink Swirl, which I loved.

Pink Swirl

The first time I used the bag I was pleased to find it was a good size for the inserts of my diapers. I put them in by rolling them. I used two diapers while out that first time. When using the grocery bags you could smell urine in the diaper bag. I was so pleased that this was not the case with the Planet Wise bag. It kept the smell in and kept my diaper bag dry. No one would have been the wiser that there were wet cloth diaper inserts in there! I got home, took out the inserts and threw them in my diaper pail along with the wet bag. It went through the wash cycle with my diapers and then back into my diaper bag. There was no leaking, no smells and I am one HAPPY customer! The bag has gone through a few washer and dryer cycles and the fabric is still as nice as it was the day I got it.

To get your own bag you can go to  (I am not part of Nicki's Diapers. I know I recommended them in my last post, it is just where I happen to get my stuff!!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cute, Easy, and Affordable!!

My husband and I were not going to have any more children. Our oldest, Brooke-Lynn, is eleven and our son, Aiden, is nine. Back when they were little we slapped a disposable diaper on their bottom and out the door we went, on with our day. Now we have Molly. Molly is now almost 9 months old and a ball of energy. We started out using the disposable diapers, and then in September I decided I wanted to use cloth. My husband wasn’t on board at all to begin with. He went so far as to call me a hippie momma. Then he told me if I changed to cloth diapers I would be doing the diaper changes. I said “fine.”
I started to talk to other moms who used cloth. I asked for advice on where to start, what I would need, and about how much it would cost. It was pretty overwhelming! Then I discovered Nicki’s Best Bottom Diapers. I showed them to my husband and decided that is where I wanted to start. They were cute, they looked pretty easy, and they were so affordable!
My husband, still not sure of the whole thing, convinced me to order two covers and six inserts. So I ordered two of the snap shell (Strawberry Shortcake and Moo-licious), along with six of the stay dry inserts. I was so excited for them to arrive. I went out and bought some laundry detergent just for the diapers.
The first day they got here I made sure to get them washed right away so I could try them out. My husband was pretty impressed and asked me to show him how they worked. I snapped the insert in and we were off. That first diaper was on her for two hours. When it was time to change her everything was dry outside, and all I had to do was clean her, snap out the insert and toss it in a bag for laundry later. Then I wiped the shell and put in the new insert. On with the next diaper and we were ready to go. My husband thought the diaper fit well and was impressed with how easy it was. So much so that he started to help with changes. The only thing I noticed during changes was the snaps left little marks on Molly, but that changed as we played with the adjustment, which is just one of the great things about these diapers being able to fit from newborn to potty training.
Her first poop brought us a surprise. Molly always blows out the back, and side of her diaper. It was one of our biggest problems. However the extra gusset around the leg area kept her poop in. For some people that not may be a big selling factor, but for us it was. Not only did it keep the poop in, the insert came perfectly clean after going through a wash cycle. I was sold. Best Bottom Diapers became our go to diaper. It only took one day for me to be in love.
Another thing that made me fall for these diapers was the fact Molly’s onesies and pants still fit her well and didn’t leave her looking like she had a large bottom. That was one of the biggest things I read about (pants not fitting right) while doing my search for the cloth diapers.
The Best Bottom Diapers come in beautiful colors, when I bought mine there were no patterns, however know they have a cute giraffe print. We ended up stocking our Best Bottoms. We get by with 5 shells (2 snaps: moo-licious and Strawberry shortcake. Three hook and loop: cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip and blue moon.) Then we have 18 inserts! Like I said, "CUTE, EASY, AND AFFORDABLE!!."

This is Molly's most recent picture in her BBD. It is a hook and loop
Mint Chocolate Chip!

Molly's first picture in her BBD. The is a snap strawberry shortcake

If you want to buy your own Best Bottom Diapers you can check out

Why Reviews??

So why did I decide to start a review blog? I am home all day. I realized that I use tons of products and thought it would be nice if I knew more about the products before I used them. I mean, not from what the product says, but what other families have to say about them. So I thought hmmm, what would I say about these products if someone asked. So here it is, what I think about the products I use. Most products will probably be ones I have used with my youngest daughter. Enjoy.

So speaking of my younger daughter I guess I can do a brief intro of my family....
My name is Staceyann I have been married to my husband Jason for 12 years. This is our 11 year anniversary picture!

This is from Dec 2009 (I was 20 weeks pregnant with Molly)
 We have an 11 year old daughter, Brooke-Lynn. She loves music and plays the saxophone!
After Brookie came Aiden. He is now 9. We usually find him playing his I should say DSi. The DS took a little fall

Nine years after Aiden, we had Molly. A bit of a surprise. She is almost 9 months old now and into EVERYTHING!!